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About Us

Sports Equality Foundation is a 503c Non Profit organization with the mission to empower LGBTQ+ athletes, coaches, and sports leaders to inspire the world, demonstrating that equality in sports transforms everyday culture to be more inclusive for all.


Build a sense of community thru networks of individuals in specific demographic and professional expertise in sports. Creating networks of subgroups by sport affiliations will allow for greater feedback on the needs and support for these subgroups. As an invisible minority group, the LGBTQ+ individuals in sports often work in isolation. 

Building a sense of community can advance the work to be done and the social network to provide support. We will use this web-based network site and application to build the larger community of LGBTQ+ Sports individuals, in addition create smaller affinity subgroups.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are or were an athlete,  if you are a coach, official, trainer or sports administrator, if you work as a sports professional,  and you identify as LGBTQ+ then you need to join SEF Networks to be connected to a community,  network with others, build empowerment in yourself and others, and demonstrate that opening the closet door does not lead to an empty room, but to a welcoming sports space.